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TZ Navigator or TZ Professional?

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Features TZ Navigator TZ Professional
# of Installs 2 1 Additional license can be purchased
GPS/AIS Yes Yes Standard
Radar Yes Yes Standard
Sounder No Yes Add-On Module Required
PBG No Yes Add-On Module Required
WAASP Multi-Beam No Yes Add-On Module Required
Bottom Hardness No Yes Add-On Module Required
Weather Overlay Yes Yes Free from TIMEZERO

Both versions use NOAA free charts and the most popular separately purchased charts.
 We migrate your data between versions. We offer an upgrade path from TZ Navigator to TZ Professional.
View available purchasable & free charts at

TIMEZERO Pre-Installed
Complete Navigation Systems

Intel Solid State Systems

Quality & Reliability you can depend on.

For over 12 years, we have built these tiny yet powerful systems for use in the most demanding applications, including vessel navigation.

Size and weight limit the impact of shipboard usage, easily removed for servicing or updating the computer.

Intel quality means compatibility and serviceability. And the most important of all - Reliability.
Power & performance that exceeds all expectations.

Pre-configured HDMI Laptop

For use in smaller vessels or as a separate backup system, it is pre-configured with TIMEZERO and its own GPS antenna.

An additional monitor can be connected to display a separate window, such as your sounder.

Supplied with Logitech Wireless Trackball mouse.

HDMI - Hi Definition Displays

Use up to three Display Monitors with TIMEZERO, each one showing a unique view of your live navigation data.

Use one monitor as a primary display, while the sounder or radar display independently on another.

Our builds are normally 22" monitors, however any size can be provided.


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